4 months ago today I cut the first piece of the jig which held the start of the boat. Fast forward 300 hours of evening and weekends and we get to this:

What you see here is the main deck of the boat – but without the deck on. The white hatches are to be under the bed in the main cabin, the rest of the spaces are lockers that will hold food, gear and spare parts. It’s been a pretty engaging process, I’ve had to learn a lot while always making sure that the things I’m doing are solid, safe and watertight! All of this is made logistically more complicated by the fact it’s being built in a live family garage with bikes, giant plastic cars pet food and all the other accoutrements.

Now that the main extent of the fibreglass is complete I’m starting to fit all the control systems and electronics as well as the plumbing for the water maker and drainage.

Some days it feels like it’ll be finished soon, others make if feel like a long way to go but we’ll keep plugging away, everything finishes eventually!

I’d like to that all the people that have shown an interest in the project, it’s great answering all the questions it brings up! Also to those who have donated to the hospital already I want to extend a deep gratitude for your generosity and faith in the project!


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