Row North Atlantic is raising funds for the Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital (RACH). The Day Assessment team that initially worked to stabilise Pete’s baby son, Cedar and keep his family in one piece, were incredible and this is the specific unit that has been nominated to receive the funds from the project. The RACH has a huge catchment area from across the Scottish Highlands and Islands and, as such, has to deal with a complex and broad range of cases. The fundraising from Row North Atlantic will allow the Day Assessment team to programme additional staff training and broaden the range of diagnostic equipment they have available to help other families in the way that they helped Pete’s.

All the fundraising is managed through the NHS Grampian Endowment Fund which ensures the funds raised go to the nominated services within the hospital. Have a look through their website to see some of the amazing projects that they have supported.

NHS Grampian Endowment Fund

We will ensure that donations toward the project, through sponsorship and individual donations, are utilised to their maximum. Upon completion of the project, all efforts will be put into liquidation; making sure that the charitable percentage of all support is as high as possible.

Once the logistics and equipment for the row are in place, our focus will shift to charitable fundraising for the RACH. Through the use of our social media channels we hope to raise significant awareness of the row and, ultimately, make a sizable donation that will benefit everyone in the community that the hospital serves.

To donate to the project please use the button on the side of this page or visit the Support page to see how you can help. If you have any questions about the charity, fundraising or how to help please get in touch.