Motivation and perspiration. Huge quantities of these will be required for Pete to keep his spirit high and maintain the colossal effort needed throughout the row. In Pete’s own words, this is how he has come by the qualities and proficiencies he will need to succeed.


This is a picture of our son, only 9 days old and having just undergone heart surgery. Thirty-six hours prior to this he began a fast decline from perfectly healthy new born to collapse. On our way to the hospital he began to struggle for breath. When he was examined his temperature was 32 degrees and he was grey from his chest down.

What followed was a 24-hour whirlwind of activity and treatment. He was stabilised in an induced coma by the team at Aberdeen hospital and then life-flighted with Mum to Glasgow ICU while I drove down through the night to be with them. At 4pm the following day his tiny heart was operated on. Remarkably, because of the incredible skills of all the staff involved at the hospital, we were sent home after only one week of recovery.

Cedar is now well. He’s growing as big as his brother and sisters and is a healthy, happy baby. He will be monitored regularly for the rest of his life to ensure he stays well, but currently there are no indications to the contrary.

Rhodes Family

I’ve always been involved in raising funds and awareness for charity through previous expeditions, and now I have a cause that is so close to our hearts I’m inspired to take on an especially challenging endeavour to raise funds for the Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital. The number of people and the teams that helped us over this challenging period is long, but in time I will share more information on the Blog about who they are, what they did and how you can support their efforts.

Please take a look at the Charity page for more information about this cause and ways that you can help to make sure that other families’ stories have an amazing ending like ours has.


I have a long history of large-scale expeditions that have required huge physical efforts. After finishing university, I began an annual pilgrimage to the big walls of Yosemite Valley in California. On my second trip I spent eight days alone climbing the Muir Wall route on El Capitan without a partner. This adventure fuelled my ambitions to try harder routes in wilder places which led to spending two climbing seasons in Torres Del Paine, Patagonia. Another notable ascent was a ‘clean’ solo of The Scoop on the Isle of Harris, Scotland, which you can read about here.

After climbing began to loose it’s edge we decided to start a family – an adventure in itself – but the challenges haven’t stopped. I have attempted to skateboard from Lands End to John O’ Groats and completed the Bob Graham Round as well as ultra-marathons, unsupported 24-hour mountain bike races and long-distance road cycling.

Couple all of this with the sleep deprivation that is part of modern life with four children, and the most incredibly supportive and high output wife on the planet, I am perfectly placed for this next challenge!

Bob Graham

If you have some time you can enjoy the video below from one of Pete’s most serious expeditions attempting a new route in Torres Del Paine, Chilean Patagonia. You’ll see some of the wildest weather on the planet during a very poor climbing season. Who knew it would be such good training for this next challenge!